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Are you experiencing hip pain that’s impacting your daily activities and sleep?
Our non-invasive treatments target the root cause of your hip pain, providing relief without the need for medication or surgery. Don’t let hip pain limit your life – schedule an appointment with us today for personalized care and lasting relief.

Hip pain symptoms can take many different forms and include:

Techniques Used in Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

Several specific approaches are used in hip pain physiotherapy in order to reduce pain, increase mobility, and support hip joint health. These methods are designed to meet the unique requirements of those who are having hip discomfort. Among the important techniques employed in hip pain treatment are:

Manual Therapy

Physiotherapists mobilize the hip joint and its surrounding soft tissues with hands-on procedures. The goals of these therapies are to decrease discomfort, increase joint range of motion, and correct alignment.

Therapeutic Exercises

Training programs that are made to strengthen the muscles around the hips, increase flexibility, and target those muscles. Depending on the person’s condition, these exercises could include hip stretches, and strengthening activities.

Gait Training

Gait training involves correcting walking patterns to address any abnormalities or imbalances that may contribute to hip pain. By optimizing gait mechanics, individuals can improve their overall hip function and reduce pain during activities.



Ongoing Adjustment

As you progress in your recovery, your treatment plan is adjusted accordingly to ensure optimal results. Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your healing journey.


Common Causes Of Chronic Hip Pain

Common Causes Of Chronic Hip Pain

Many underlying problems affecting the hip joint, muscles, tendons, and surrounding structures can be the cause of persistent hip discomfort. Some common causes of chronic hip pain include:

What To Expect On Your First Visit

The main objectives of your first hip pain physiotherapy session at our clinic are pain relief and increased hip range of motion. In general, you should anticipate the following at your initial consultation:

Tips for Managing Hip Pain After Physiotherapy

Following physiotherapy for hip pain, it’s critical to continue with healthy routines to guarantee long-term relief and avoid recurrence. Here are some helpful tips for managing your hip pain:

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Hip Pain

A variety of advantages can be achieved with physiotherapy for hip pain, all of which are intended to enhance general wellbeing and deliver efficient pain relief: