How Much Do Chiropractic Visits Cost in Canada: Average Prices and Factors Affecting Cost

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Chiropractic services can be vital to your overall well-being, offering relief from back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal issues without invasive procedures. The cost of these services in Canada varies depending on several factors, including the chiropractor’s experience, the type of services provided, and the duration of the treatment.

Your initial visit to a chiropractor in Canada typically involves a comprehensive assessment to determine a suitable treatment plan. This initial fee can range anywhere between $88 to $150. Following the assessment, the cost of subsequent chiropractic treatments generally falls within this range, too. Still, the exact price may differ based on the clinic’s pricing structure, your issue’s complexity, and the session’s length.

Some chiropractors may offer packages or membership plans that could provide savings for long-term treatment strategies. Additionally, while some insurance plans may cover chiropractic services, it’s beneficial for you to confirm the extent of your coverage to avoid unexpected expenses.

Table of Contents:
  • Does insurance cover chiropractic?
  • Cost of chiropractic care without insurance
  • Chiropractor cost with insurance
  • Chiropractor costs with medicare
  • How much does a chiropractic x-ray cost?
  • What are the costs of chiropractic care at Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute?

Does insurance cover chiropractic?

When you seek chiropractic care in Canada, your first question might be whether your insurance plan covers the expenses.

Extended health care plans, which are typically provided through workplace benefits programs, may cover chiropractic services. These programs are often part of a group benefits package from your employer, union, or professional association. If your plan includes paramedical services, you’ll likely have some chiropractic care coverage.

Coverage varies widely and is typically subject to annual maximums. Here are some facets you may find in your policy:

  • Chiropractic services are included as a form of paramedical coverage.
  • Coverage for “reasonable and customary charges.”
  • A predetermined limit on the amount paid per visit, such as $20 – $25.
  • Annual cap on total chiropractic expenses.


You may not need a referral from your doctor to see a chiropractor, but policies differ, so review your specific plan details.

For those without an extended health care plan, chiropractic care would be an out-of-pocket expense. However, many find the cost reasonable for the benefits received.

You should contact your insurance provider to clarify what your plan covers. Remember, details such as coverage limits, whether a referral is needed, and the number of sessions covered annually are essential to confirm to avoid unexpected costs.

Insurance can significantly reduce the cost of chiropractic visits in Canada. Generally, your insurance plan may cover a portion of the treatment cost. It is crucial to check with your insurer to understand what is included in your policy.

Coverage Details:

  • Co-payment: Most plans require a co-payment, a fixed amount you pay for each visit. For example, if a visit costs $100, a typical 5% co-payment means you will pay $5 out-of-pocket.
  • Annual Limits: Some policies limit the number of covered visits or total yearly costs.
  • Deductibles: You may need to pay a certain amount before your insurance begins to cover costs.

Here is a simplified breakdown:

Insurance Aspect

Typical Details

Initial Visit

Higher costs covered, often between $75 and $150

Subsequent Visits

Partial cost coverage, average around $65


Usually, around 5% of the visit cost

Annual Limit

Varies by the insurer


Varies by the insurer

Next Steps:

Insurance can make chiropractic care more accessible, but knowing your policy’s specifics is important to avoid unexpected expenses. Remember to confirm the coverage for both initial assessments and regular treatment sessions.

Medicare, the federal health insurance program in Canada, typically covers a range of healthcare services for eligible individuals. However, you need to understand that, generally, chiropractic care is not covered by Medicare in Canada. Here’s what you need to know if you reside in Canada:

  • Coverage: If you’re seeking chiropractic services in Canada, they are usually not included in the province’s Medicare coverage (OHIP).

  • Out-of-Pocket Costs: You should be prepared for direct payment for your visits to a chiropractor. Costs may vary but can range from CAD $50 to $200+ per session, depending on the clinic, treatment length, and type of treatment involved.

  • Extended Health Plans: If you have a private or employee benefits plan, these cover part or all of your chiropractic services. You must check your specific plan details for coverage limits and whether a co-payment is required.

When visiting a chiropractor in Canada without medicare coverage, expect to handle the costs independently unless you have alternative insurance plans. Always confirm the fees with your chosen practitioner beforehand to avoid surprises.

When considering chiropractic care in Canada, you may require an x-ray to aid your assessment. It’s essential to be aware of the associated costs. Chiropractic x-ray costs vary between clinics but generally fall within a certain range.

  • Initial Examination: Often, your first visit includes a detailed assessment.
    • X-ray (if needed): $50 – $250

Here’s a breakdown of typical X-ray costs in a chiropractic setting:

Part of the Spine

Cost Range

Cervical spine

Approximately $72 for 4 views or less

Cervical – Davis series

Approximately $98

Other areas

Prices may vary; inquire with the clinic

Remember, these are estimates; individual clinics may have different pricing. Usually, x-rays are not mandatory for all treatments, but in some cases, your chiropractor might recommend one to get a comprehensive view of your condition. Should you need an x-ray, consult the clinic beforehand for the exact pricing based on your specific needs.

When considering chiropractic care at the Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute, you’re likely curious about the costs. While specific prices can vary depending on individual treatment plans and insurance coverage, here’s what you can generally expect:

  • Initial Assessment: Your first visit to a chiropractor typically includes a comprehensive assessment. This session costs $100 more than subsequent visits due to the detailed nature of the examination.

  • Regular Visits: Regular chiropractic sessions focus on your treatment plan following the initial assessment. Prices for these visits are $70 each. Multiple sessions may be necessary for full benefits depending on your specific health needs and goals.

  • Insurance Coverage: Some chiropractic care may be covered if you have health insurance. It’s best to speak directly with your insurance provider and the clinic to understand what’s included in your plan.

  • Direct Billing: At the Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute, they offer the convenience of insurance processing directly.

Confirm costs with the Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute before your appointment to avoid unexpected charges. Your expenses will ultimately depend on your course of treatment and insurance coverage.

Understanding the cost of chiropractic visits in Canada requires considering various factors, including the chiropractor’s experience, the complexity of the treatment needed, and any additional services provided during the visit. On average, patients can expect the cost of a single chiropractic session to vary widely, influenced by the specifics of their treatment plan and the practitioner’s pricing structure. It’s essential for individuals seeking chiropractic care to inquire about all potential costs upfront and to check with their insurance provider regarding coverage options. By doing so, patients can make informed decisions about their health care, ensuring they receive the necessary treatment without unexpected financial strain. Remember, investing in chiropractic care is a step towards alleviating immediate discomfort and a long-term investment in your overall health and well-being.

What Our Patient Say

Ash Wright
Ash Wright
I had my first appointment with Carl the Chiropractor today and it was just awesome. He was so easy to talk to, genuine and really educated me on what’s happening with my body. I am so excited to keep seeing him and would recommend him 100%
Harmanpreet kaur
Harmanpreet kaur
I had a back injury at work and went for treatment. First day, I was not able to walk or even move. After getting few weeks of treatment, now I am feeling perfectly fine. I have been under care of PT. Taruneet and she is polite and understanding from the day1. She treated me every tym according to my situation and today am feeling going back to work. Also, pta. Jaspreet helped me a lot for my treatment and she is very polite. At the reception, ( Shannon and Patricia) every single time, I was welcomed with a happy face and they gave me appointments according to my schedule as well. Will definitely recommend them👍.
R D (RD)
R D (RD)
Dr Rishi is the best chiropractor in Brampton. The staff is amazing. I recommend this clinic to all in need of physiotherapy, chiropractor or massage.
Ashwin Bhoomi
Ashwin Bhoomi
Dr. Mohammad Rahil has been a lifesaver. I suffered from chronic back pain for the longest time and he was able to help me sleep without pain. The support staff were all great and extremely well-mannered. Would highly recommend Dr. Rahil and his staff..!
Monika Bailwal
Monika Bailwal
Mandeep Virk is very excellent at her work she did very good massage
A Moonilal
A Moonilal
Had pain in my right foot due to work, with help with Dr Rishi and Zeal, I was able to ease and later remove the pain through routine exercises and physiotherapy. I was also able to learn how to better my health, to reduce chances of future pains regarding my feet. Amazing service provided by amazing people.
Jessie E
Jessie E
I am in tears, dr rishi is honestly my hero. This man has fixed my back as I’ve fallen off course with my appointments on a few occasions. Dr rishi IS THE BEST chiropractor I’ve ever dealt with. He is so genuine and so caring towards his patients. He really is following his calling. I’ve dealt with disc issues for years and have been to many other chiropractors in my lifetime. Dr rishi has helped me get a better understanding of what my body needs to stay able bodied, with his help I can continue to do everything I desire. His therapy includes extras. Things that no other chiropractor has done for me. He does a combination of ultrasound therapy, thumper, heat packs ect because he knows my body requires more than just an adjustment. He has taught me so much about his therapy’s which has given me a clear understanding of what my body requires. I cannot thank this man enough. A 5 star review does not do this man Justice. He needs a million stars, this man deserves the world because he’s given myself and likely many others a chance to live their lives pain free. I highly recommend that anyone with disc issues come see dr rishi. He will take great care of you. I did not know it was possible to feel physically “normal” until I met him.
Arjun Johal
Arjun Johal
I have been under care of Rishi (chiro) and Rahil (physio) for my lower back pain involving disc buldge and sciatica nerve since my injury in near the end of last year. These guys have really helped me to manage my pain and get back to my day to day life. Everyone from staff is polite and caring. I highly recommend them.
Asawera Nasir
Asawera Nasir
Had a great experience with Dr.Rishi and the rest of the staff. I had the worst back pain and he really took his time to make sure he dealt with the situation properly; I was already feeling better just within 2 sessions.

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