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Holistic chiropractors offer a unique approach to healthcare that blends traditional chiropractic methods with a broader view of well-being. While conventional chiropractic care focuses mainly on relieving spine-related musculoskeletal issues, holistic chiropractic practice treats the whole body. They aim to uncover and address the root causes of discomfort and disease rather than just treating symptoms. Holistic chiropractors believe in holistic healing, considering physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual aspects of health.

Their assessments look at the whole person, considering lifestyle factors, nutrition, stress levels, and other environmental influences on health. They may recommend diet changes, exercise, mindfulness practices, and other natural therapies to enhance the body’s healing ability. Holistic chiropractors get specialized training to help patients eliminate physical, emotional, and chemical stressors. 

Physical Stressors

Addressing physical stressors is a primary focus of holistic chiropractic care. Holistic chiropractors employ various techniques to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system. Here’s how they tackle physical stressors:

1. Assessment and Diagnosis: Holistic chiropractors begin by thoroughly assessing the root cause of physical stressors. This may involve examining posture, range of motion, and spinal alignment and conducting diagnostic tests if necessary.

2. Chiropractic Adjustments: Traditional chiropractic adjustment techniques are the best way to treat physical stressors. These adjustments involve applying controlled force to specific joints or vertebrae to restore proper alignment, relieve nerve pressure, and promote optimal function. Common adjustment techniques include:

  • Flexion Distraction: Effective for treating disc herniation, scoliosis, and facet joint pain. According to the study, flexion-distraction manual therapy effectively relieves chronic back pain in patients within 4 weeks, and it produces good to excellent results in 73% of patients with back pain.
  • Drop-Table Technique: Utilized to address issues in the spine and extremities.
  • Activator Technique: Ideal for addressing back pain, migraines, and headaches. In a survey of 300 chiropractors, the majority (81%) found the activator to be a useful therapeutic tool in chiropractic care, and 84% considered it a safe treatment option.
  • Gonstead Technique: Focuses on reducing pain, realigning joints, and improving stiffness.
  • Diversified Technique: According to the American Chiropractic Association, the Diversified technique is the most commonly used technique among chiropractors, with a usage rate of 95.9%. It is a versatile technique used to adjust the spine and extremities.

If you’re experiencing physical stressors, consult a holistic chiropractor to explore personalized treatment options. Ready to alleviate your discomfort? Contact us to book your appointment today.


Chemical Stressors

Chemical stressors, including exposure to pollutants, pesticides, and processed foods, significantly impact health. Health Canada’s report on human exposure to harmful substances over six CHMS cycles (2007-2019) shows stable mercury levels in Canadians aged 20 to 79, with lead concentrations declining. These trends highlight ongoing exposure to chemical stressors and emphasize the need for continuous monitoring and intervention to safeguard public health.

Holistic chiropractors recognize the impact of chemical stressors on the body and offer comprehensive nutritional guidance to address these issues. They often collaborate with certified nutritionists or naturopathic doctors to develop meal plans that support the body’s detoxification processes and promote overall health.

These nutritional guidelines are designed to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals found in processed foods, pesticides, and environmental pollutants while maximizing the intake of essential nutrients needed for optimal health. By emphasizing whole, nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats, holistic chiropractors help patients reduce the burden of chemical stress and support the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Mental Stressors

Emotional stressors significantly impact mental health, contributing to various disorders such as mood, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As of 2022, more than 5 million Canadians aged 15 years and older met diagnostic criteria for mood, anxiety, or substance use disorders, with a marked increase in mood and anxiety disorders, particularly among young women aged 15 and over up to 24 years old.

Holistic chiropractors, recognizing the intricate link between emotional stress and physical health, offer supportive care that encompasses various aspects of well-being, including mental health. They may collaborate with mental health professionals to provide comprehensive care plans addressing stress’s physical manifestations and underlying emotional causes. By focusing on the whole person, not just the symptoms, holistic chiropractors can play a vital role in supporting individuals facing emotional stressors.


Why Do Chiropractors Take a Holistic Approach, and What are Their Goals?

Chiropractors adopt a holistic approach to healthcare because they recognize that the body functions as an interconnected system rather than a collection of independent parts. This perspective allows them to treat the symptoms and the root causes of discomfort and imbalance. The goals of a holistic approach include:

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to encouraging balanced health and preventing future issues, focusing on the patient rather than just treating specific symptoms.

Types of Injuries That Can Be Treated From a Holistic Chiropractic Approach

A holistic chiropractic approach treats a wide range of injuries by addressing the entire body and its functioning rather than focusing solely on the area of injury. Here are several types of injuries that can benefit from a holistic chiropractic approach:

sports chiropractor

How a Holistic Chiropractor Can Improve Your Health

A holistic chiropractor focuses on the entire body and its relationship to the spine rather than treating specific symptoms or ailments. This comprehensive approach can significantly improve your health in various ways:

What are the Benefits of a Holistic Chiropractor?

The benefits of consulting a holistic chiropractor extend beyond simple pain relief, offering a comprehensive approach to health that addresses the body as an interconnected system. Here are some key advantages:

  • Whole-Body Health: Holistic chiropractors look beyond symptoms to address the root causes of health issues, promoting overall wellness.
  • Pain Reduction: Effective in alleviating back, neck, joint, and muscle pain without relying on medications.
  • Improved Mobility: Enhances joint flexibility and function, aiding in injury recovery and reducing the risk of future impairments.
  • Stress Management: Adjustments can lower physical manifestations of stress, improving mental well-being.
  • Increased Energy: Addressing spinal and joint issues can improve energy levels and vitality.
  • Lifestyle Guidance: Offers nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle advice to support comprehensive health improvements.

‌How Do Holistic Approaches Differ From Other Chiropractic Care Methods?

While all chiropractors focus on treating musculoskeletal issues, particularly those involving the spine, holistic chiropractors extend their care beyond physical adjustments to address the whole person—this includes their emotional well-being, lifestyle factors, and broader health concerns. Here’s how holistic approaches differ:

  • Whole-Person Focus: Holistic chiropractors assess not just the physical symptoms but also consider lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and other external factors that could impact the patient’s overall health. They aim to treat the root cause of an issue, not just the symptoms.
  • Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling: Beyond spinal adjustments, holistic chiropractors often guide nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes to support overall health and prevent future problems. This could include dietary recommendations, supplements, or exercises to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Integrative Treatments: Holistic chiropractors may incorporate a range of complementary therapies into their treatment plans, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, or herbal medicine, providing a more integrative approach to health care.

What Our Patient Say

Ash Wright
Ash Wright
I had my first appointment with Carl the Chiropractor today and it was just awesome. He was so easy to talk to, genuine and really educated me on what’s happening with my body. I am so excited to keep seeing him and would recommend him 100%
Harmanpreet kaur
Harmanpreet kaur
I had a back injury at work and went for treatment. First day, I was not able to walk or even move. After getting few weeks of treatment, now I am feeling perfectly fine. I have been under care of PT. Taruneet and she is polite and understanding from the day1. She treated me every tym according to my situation and today am feeling going back to work. Also, pta. Jaspreet helped me a lot for my treatment and she is very polite. At the reception, ( Shannon and Patricia) every single time, I was welcomed with a happy face and they gave me appointments according to my schedule as well. Will definitely recommend them👍.
R D (RD)
R D (RD)
Dr Rishi is the best chiropractor in Brampton. The staff is amazing. I recommend this clinic to all in need of physiotherapy, chiropractor or massage.
Ashwin Bhoomi
Ashwin Bhoomi
Dr. Mohammad Rahil has been a lifesaver. I suffered from chronic back pain for the longest time and he was able to help me sleep without pain. The support staff were all great and extremely well-mannered. Would highly recommend Dr. Rahil and his staff..!
Monika Bailwal
Monika Bailwal
Mandeep Virk is very excellent at her work she did very good massage
A Moonilal
A Moonilal
Had pain in my right foot due to work, with help with Dr Rishi and Zeal, I was able to ease and later remove the pain through routine exercises and physiotherapy. I was also able to learn how to better my health, to reduce chances of future pains regarding my feet. Amazing service provided by amazing people.
Jessie E
Jessie E
I am in tears, dr rishi is honestly my hero. This man has fixed my back as I’ve fallen off course with my appointments on a few occasions. Dr rishi IS THE BEST chiropractor I’ve ever dealt with. He is so genuine and so caring towards his patients. He really is following his calling. I’ve dealt with disc issues for years and have been to many other chiropractors in my lifetime. Dr rishi has helped me get a better understanding of what my body needs to stay able bodied, with his help I can continue to do everything I desire. His therapy includes extras. Things that no other chiropractor has done for me. He does a combination of ultrasound therapy, thumper, heat packs ect because he knows my body requires more than just an adjustment. He has taught me so much about his therapy’s which has given me a clear understanding of what my body requires. I cannot thank this man enough. A 5 star review does not do this man Justice. He needs a million stars, this man deserves the world because he’s given myself and likely many others a chance to live their lives pain free. I highly recommend that anyone with disc issues come see dr rishi. He will take great care of you. I did not know it was possible to feel physically “normal” until I met him.
Arjun Johal
Arjun Johal
I have been under care of Rishi (chiro) and Rahil (physio) for my lower back pain involving disc buldge and sciatica nerve since my injury in near the end of last year. These guys have really helped me to manage my pain and get back to my day to day life. Everyone from staff is polite and caring. I highly recommend them.
Asawera Nasir
Asawera Nasir
Had a great experience with Dr.Rishi and the rest of the staff. I had the worst back pain and he really took his time to make sure he dealt with the situation properly; I was already feeling better just within 2 sessions.

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