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Walk With Ease Using Custom Orthotics

Walk With Ease Using Custom Orthotics

Do you suffer from back or foot pain on a regular basis? It could be something more than the shoes you’re wearing. Custom orthotics could alleviate the discomfort you have while walking or moving, and you will notice the difference.

We all know how important feet are to our overall health. They have an impact on the rest of the body, which is why it is important to make sure they are in good shape. One way you can treat problems with your feet is with custom orthotics. These inserts and footwear can help you walk without pain or discomfort, and will positively affect your ability to work, move and enjoy life.

Walking comfortably in custom orthotics

First of all, custom orthotics are devices that are used to change or modify your foot function. Orthotics make walking, standing, and running easier, and they do this by altering the angles where your foot will hit the ground. The orthotics are meant to absorb shock, improve balance and take the pressure off sore areas. Some of the most effective orthotics are custom-made devices that are tailored towards your needs.

According to Remedy Health, the process of getting orthotics usually begins with getting an impression of your foot to make a cast, which will make imprints of any misalignments in your foot structure. Moreover, a technician will design a device that balances out any deformities and fix any misalignments. The finished product will fit in your shoe to support your foot, it will get rid of any irregular foot mechanics, and it will keep your foot aligned. You might even have padding with your custom orthotics to make your feet feel more comfortable.

Tailored to your needs

Custom orthotics are suitable for various foot and lower body ailments, and the materials that are used will vary based on whatever your needs are, your lifestyle, and your health history. In addition, they are typically used for conditions such as problems with heels, soft tissue degeneration, lower back issues and problems with pain in the knees or back. Almost anyone can benefit from orthotics including adults and children.

There are two main types of custom orthotics, and they are:

1) Functional orthotics – This type of orthotic supports abnormal foot biomechanics. They are usually made out of supportive plastic polymer materials, which will prevent your arch from flattening. It will also lower the impact from the ground while you’re running or walking.

2) Accommodative orthotics – This orthotic usually has a soft supportive device which will relieve you from mild foot pain, and it will correct slight foot problems. They are meant to fix biochemical walking issues in youth, and this includes splints, gait plates, and night bars.

Ready to stand tall and walk comfortably?

The main function of an orthotic is to adjust the contact between the ground and your foot. Your feet will more effectively support the weight of your body. If you think you need custom orthotics, your health care provider can prescribe orthotics that are right for your individual needs. They will discuss any foot, back or leg issues that you may have, so you can find out if your feet are the underlying problem.

We specialize in holistic medicine for people’s overall wellness. We are your source for custom orthotics in Brampton, so contact us to learn how you can be walking with ease today.

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