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Injured man at the gym feeling pain in his ankle

What is physiotherapy and why do I need it?

Brampton Physiotherapy can treat a variety of injuries, aid rehabilitation, and restore strength and function to previously injured areas. Its trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment can assess and treat the cause of the discomfort and set you on the best path to get back to normal. When the body is injured or recovering from surgery, […]

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How Do Sports Injury Clinics Help Athletes?

Sports injury clinics are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to treat injuries and promote healing. New technologies are constantly being discovered and implemented with great effect, allowing injuries to be healed much quicker. Because of these technologies, sports injury clinics have a large arsenal of tools at their disposal to treat a variety […]

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Gym doctor with a patient

7 Benefits of Medical Exercise Therapy

Medical exercise therapy is a treatment based on exercises that have been scientifically proven to help the body’s healing process. It is designed to take every patient’s individual needs and abilities into consideration as it creates a fitness program for them to follow. Whether the patient has been injured, is recovering from surgery, is suffering […]

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