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How Do Sports Injury Clinics Help Athletes?

How Do Sports Injury Clinics Help Athletes?

Sports injury clinics are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to treat injuries and promote healing. New technologies are constantly being discovered and implemented with great effect, allowing injuries to be healed much quicker. Because of these technologies, sports injury clinics have a large arsenal of tools at their disposal to treat a variety of injuries sustained to any part of the body.

One way sports injury clinics can treat injuries is with manual therapy. This is done by physiotherapists who are well trained in caring for problems that deal with pain and movement, as well as helping patients recover after surgeries. Also known as manipulative therapy, manual therapy is when a physiotherapist moves the joints and muscles of the body in order to restore movement and alleviate any pain and discomfort the patient is feeling.

In some ways similar to manual therapy, massage therapy is also very helpful in easing pain and encouraging healing. However, instead of moving joints and muscles, massaging manipulates the soft-tissue that is affected by injury, stress, or overexertion. Massages are used to activate many different systems in the body, including the circulatory system, nervous system, muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments, and more. Through the stimulation of all these different areas, the body is able to relax, loosen up, and heal.

Exercise therapy is also a very important treatment. Exercises are vital to a person’s health and are greatly beneficial to restoring function after an injury. They can increase strength, flexibility, ease pain, and decrease swelling, allowing the patient to return to the lifestyle they had before they were hurt or before they had their surgery. The exercises are specially designed to stimulate healing without causing the patient additional pain and are effective for the entire healing process. While at first the patient may only be able to complete the exercises to a certain extent, they will allow him or her to get better. As the injury heals, the exercises will be done at a higher level, allowing the formerly injured area to become even stronger.

A relatively newer treatment used by sports injury clinics is shockwave therapy, known as Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT). It sends many short, but intense, shockwaves to the injured area of the body, breaking down scar tissues. This creates a response in the body to increase metabolic activity around the area that is causing discomfort. It also increases the rate of the healing process by allowing more blood to flow to the area. The treatment is very effective on problems involving tendons, such as tendonitis, trigger finger, and tennis elbow, and can also be beneficial in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation.

Another new practice that is growing in popularity is Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This is when a red infrared light is applied to the injured area. This reduces inflammation, stimulates the body to heal and repair any damage done, and reduces pain.

Sports injury clinics are capable of treating almost any kind of injury from almost any kind of sport or circumstance. They rehabilitate their patients and stimulate the body to heal quickly and naturally. As the clinics become more capable of treating a larger variety of injuries that people are sustaining, they are becoming a more feasible option to a larger demographic and a more relevant choice for any injury. Because of the constant implementation of new and effective technologies, treatments, and equipment, sports injury clinics are becoming even more versatile. The popularity of these clinics will only continue to grow as more and more people are able to take advantage of the treatments and services that the clinics offer.

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