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7 Benefits of Medical Exercise Therapy

7 Benefits of Medical Exercise Therapy

Medical exercise therapy is a treatment based on exercises that have been scientifically proven to help the body’s healing process. It is designed to take every patient’s individual needs and abilities into consideration as it creates a fitness program for them to follow. Whether the patient has been injured, is recovering from surgery, is suffering from a condition, or is experiencing chronic pain and discomfort, this treatment has programs designed to relieve pain and aid restoration. Here are 7 benefits to medical exercise therapy that make it a relevant choice for anyone suffering pain from an injury.

1. Individualized programs
Each patient’s condition is unique. Because of this, everyone has their own individualized exercise program to follow. It’s carefully crafted in order to take into consideration the person’s injury, pain level, and ability. This means that each patient is following an exercise routine that is tailor-made to give them the best results for their specific condition and insures that they’re doing the best exercises to make them get better as fast as possible.

2. Patients choose intensity
Not only is the program made for each individual person, but the patient also has a big say in how intense the treatment is. On a pain scale from 0-10, the exercises try to keep the patients within the 1-2 mark. Sometimes this is not always possible with people that suffer from chronic pain, but even then, exercises are done at a level where the patient is comfortable to do the program. At any point in the treatment, anyone can say that an exercise is too painful and new ones will be offered to them. They may even say that an exercise isn’t painful enough, meaning that they are ready for more advanced exercises that will increase the rate of healing.

3. Constant guidance
Although they will never assist you in performing the exercises themselves, there is also a physiotherapist there to supervise you, guide you, and answer any questions you may have. The treatment must be done under your own power in order to be effective, but a physiotherapist will always be there to make sure you are following your program and doing the exercises correctly. They will ensure you are comfortable with what you are doing and will track your progress to make sure that the treatment is working.

4. Safe environment
In addition to providing you with guidance, the physiotherapist being present also creates a safe environment. Since you know they’re being supervised, the patients are less worried about whether they’re doing their exercises wrong or about injuring themselves further. Instead, they are more concerned with pushing themselves to the limits of their pain comfort levels in order to maximize their results.

5. Done in small groups
The exercise programs are not done with a single patient at a time, and are instead done in small groups. This has many benefits of its own. For instance, it is a lot easier to motivate yourself to work hard towards a goal when others are striving for the same thing. It can sometimes be demoralizing to not be able to do an exercise that you used to be able to do before an injury, but with others there to motivate and encourage you, you can see that the program is working and that progress is being made.

6. Cost-effective
Another advantage to the small group sessions is that it is a lot more cost-effective. Rather than paying for a one-on-one session with a physiotherapist, the group sessions allow the cost to be spread amongst the other participants as well. While the groups are large enough to add a communal feeling to help everyone towards a common goal and help lower the cost, they’re also small enough to allow individual, one-on-one attention by the physiotherapist, giving the patient the best of both worlds.

7. No specialized equipment
Finally, you do not need specialized equipment to practice medical exercise therapy. Exercises are either done with inexpensive, commonly found items such as stress balls, or are done without equipment altogether. This means that a home exercise program can be created to allow the patients to work on their recovery even when they are not at the clinic.

Medical exercise therapy is capable of treating many forms of physical discomfort that a person may be feeling, and providing relief and recovery in a natural way. It provides its patients with a safe environment where they are constantly being supervised and allows them to go about the healing process at the pace that is best for them. For these reasons, and more, medical exercise clinics are a valid option for anyone seeking recovery or pain relief from an injury or another physical condition.

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