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The Benefits Exercise Has to All Stages of Cancer Treatment

The Benefits Exercise Has to All Stages of Cancer Treatment

The CancerSmart Rehab program developed by the Wellspring Cancer Foundation is an exercise and rehabilitation program for cancer patients. This treatment, found only in Brampton, is based on the established effectiveness of physical activity during all stages of cancer and all stages of cancer treatment.

Before the patients even begin their cancer treatment, the physical exercise offered by this program is of great benefit. Patients experience increased tolerance and more responsiveness to their treatment. This has a number of positive implications. It means that the patients can stick with their treatment longer, spend less time in the hospital, and even recover faster from their cancer, it’s symptoms and the side effects from the treatment itself.

During cancer treatment, continued exercise offers even more advantages. Along with experiencing improved bone health, physical function, and a stronger immune system, the rehab program also makes patients feel more comfortable. They feel less anxious and less depressed. They also sleep better, feel less tired, and have regulated bowel movements. Thus giving them more fight to move through treatment!

Even after the cancer treatment is all done, the CancerSmart Rehab program can continue to have a very positive impact on a patient’s road to recovery. The benefits of exercise during treatment are now multiplied, allowing even more physical function and bone density. The immune system continues to strengthen and the side effects from the cancer treatment are lessened. Most importantly, the patients who continue the exercise rehab have a better survival rate than those who don’t.

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