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Brampton CancerSmart™ Rehab

Brampton CancerSmart™ Rehab

Here at Brampton Physiotherapy + Wellness Institute we are proud to announce that our Cancer exercise and rehabilitation program has been introduced for patients that are currently living with cancer.

The effectiveness of physical activity has now been established to be effective for all stages of cancer treatment. Wellspring Cancer Foundation has developed the CancerSmart Rehab program which is available exclusively in Brampton by our clinic and is available to anyone with cancer during any treatment stage.

Research has shown that safe exercises can help cancer patients with the following:

  • Better cancer survival
  • Improved treatment tolerance
  • Strength is maintained
  • Fatigue is reduced
  • Physical function is improved
  • Immune system is improved
  • Less depression or anxiety
  • Bowel movements regulated
  • Appetite improved
  • Sleep improved
  • Bone health improved
  • Side effects reduced

Our physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists that have been highly trained to help cancer patients here at the Brampton CancerSmart ™ Rehab. Our experts design customized exercise plans that fit a person’s individual needs and participants in the program benefit from a group environment that helps to provide peer support, which is an important element of the treatment process.

Exercise therapy has been recognized to be an important tool in the fight against cancer and can help with the recuperative process. So far this research has been focused on colorectal, prostate and breast cancer patients and has shown that exercise therapy has helped with the following:

  • The chance of reoccurrence is reduced
  • Symptoms are better managed
  • Compliance to treatment is improved
  • Quality of life is improved
  • Therapeutic exercises can help cancer patients prepare for their treatment.
  • Exercise has been recognized to be an important tool for self-care before treatment begins.
  • The symptoms and the treatment side effects can be effectively reduced using exercise.

Before Treatment Begins

When preparing for cancer treatment an improved fitness level can result in:

  • Increased tolerance to treatments
  • Less treatment complications
  • Less time spent in the hospital
  • Better able to continue with treatments
  • Better able to maintain strength after a long period of bed rest
  • Faster recovery time

During The Treatment Process

Participating in regular exercise during treatment can help with the following:

  • Less fatigue
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved physical function
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved appetite
  • Regulated bowel movements
  • Less anxiety and depression

After Treatment

Rehabilitative exercise after treatments has been proven to play a very positive role in the recovery process. Through therapeutic exercise programs patients may receive the following benefits:

  • Physical functioning is improved
  • Fatigue is lessened
  • Higher bone density
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Co-morbidities risk is reduced
  • Reduced treatment-related chronic side effects
  • Better survival rate

The Research Proves It

  • Cancer patients will benefit enormously from an active lifestyle during all stages of cancer treatments.
  • Women having breast cancer report less nausea and men dealing with cancer of the prostate have reported less fatigue as a result of exercise.
  • Women suffering from breast cancer that is responsive to hormones and patients with non-metastatic types of colorectal cancer can decrease their chance of mortality through exercise.
  • A patient can reduce their stress and anxiety levels and build up their fitness level through exercise.
  • Exercise decreases the amount of body fat while improving body composition. It also raises functional capacity, increases the strength and muscle mass and improves the mineral density in bones.
  • Patients that exercise have also reported an overall improvement in their quality of life, a sense of being in control and an improvement in their mood.
  • Patients can use exercise to help get prepared for oncoming treatments.
  • Exercising during treatments can reduce the side effects and symptoms of treatments.
  • After cancer treatments exercise is an important tool for self-care.

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